Qualified employees are essential for a successful company. School and training often do not sufficiently cover specific qualifications and competencies. Personal certifications are therefore becoming increasingly important.
The personnel certificate has been developed for the registration, international recognition and comparable assessment of these competencies. With the certification, a defined skills profile of the applicant is reviewed and evaluated for compliance with the existing certification program.

ISO/IEC 17024: Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons is an International Standard which specifies criteria for the operation of a Personnel Certification Body (also known as a certification body for persons). The standard includes requirements for the development and maintenance of the certification scheme for persons upon which the certification is based.

In today’s competitive professional world, effective deliverables are crucial. Clients need assurance that they are dealing with an organization that can deliver their needs in a timely manner and with quality too. This is where certification comes to play. In reality, we cannot see over the horizons, so decisions are only made based on what we know today. The value of having a line of certified employees adds a steady flow of assurance in the eyes of clients and also the organization itself. It says your boss gets more confident of you and moving forward, the clients put more confidence to your boss in handling their needs.

What’s In It For You?

·        Confirms mastery of best practices

·        Enables better career performance

·        Enhances promotion opportunities

·        Recognizes professional development and competency

·        Increases recognition by colleagues, employers and even recruiters

·        Sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field


Find the right certification for your knowledge, skill-set and experience. The certification provided must be certified by the ISO/IEC 17024 Certifications of Person, endorsed by the International Organization of Standardizations or ISO.