Iranian Petroleum Institute Certification Body, referred to herein as “IPICB”, was established by the Minister of Petroleum following the code of practice 20/2-103 dated 2017-5-23. It has begun to operate as a third-party entity in the quality certification of products/ services in the field of petroleum and the related industries since 2017. The structure of IPICB is designed as a branch but completely independent from the Iranian Petroleum Institute in terms of administrative and financial affairs. All processes of IPICB are organized and implemented by the trained personnel and qualified subcontractors according to the international requirements of certification bodies of products, services and processes following INSO/ ISO/ IEC17065 standard and as an efficient body, learning, inspecting and transferring information in its profession in order to meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders, improve the level of quality services, independence, impartiality and confidentiality in the performed activities and duties and successful presence in domestic and foreign markets. The model of the inspection management system has been selected according to the INSO-ISO-IEC 17020:2012 standard. Also, using its expertise and technical knowledge, the IPICB has implemented the Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems according to the ISO/IEC 17021-1 standard.

in this policy, IPICB grows its business through delivering consistent, flexible services satisfying our customers’ needs and as well as maximizing its potential in IPICB’s markets.
Management and personnel design and implement various certification schemes of the petroleum industry related products for the chain of suppliers with participation of the experts, while conforming to the appropriate professional principles and maintaining independence, confidentiality and impartiality towards all clients.
Management and personnel have made all necessary information available to the public to create a non-discriminatory environment and communicate effectively with the stakeholders. They have also undertaken to investigate complaints and appeals in a fair manner.
Management and personnel have undertaken to observe all requirements of INSO/ ISO/ IEC 17065 standard and the valid standards as well as the technical, legal and regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Petroleum and other relevant regulatory bodies. IPICB has set its main objectives considering the following:

  • Assessment of manufacturers in the scopes of oil, petroleum and petrochemical;
  • Enhancement of IPICB agility and improvement of service provision;
  • Expansion and acquisition of international accreditation in certification area;
  • Empowerment and professional development of personnel and subcontractors;
  • maintaining customers confidence at highest level and increase customer satisfaction;
  • Protection and development of the certification market.
  • Continuous improvement

This policy has been approved by the director of IPICB and appreciated by all its personnel. Moreover, all activities of IPICB are planned based on this policy. In order to achieve continuous improvement, this policy and realization of the related goals will be reviewed and monitored at the appropriate intervals, and the required resources to achieve these goals will be provided by the deputy manager of IPICB.