Step 1:


Required documents after application acceptance as below:

  1. constitution;
  2. Founded ad – Official Gazette;
  3. Announcement of Changes;
  4. The latest changes of the board of directors and shareholders;
  5. Organizational Chart;
  6. Civil and professional liability insurance.

Step 2:


Required documents along with “Quality Certification Questionnaire Form” as below:

  1. Layout;
  2. OPC;
  3. Final Book;
  4. Copy of ISO 9001 certification (if any) (applicable for scheme type 5);
  5. procedures of  quality management system (applicable for scheme type 5);
  6. Test report of the requested products;
  7. Sales history of products (if any); (It is require for After sale services Scope).

“IPICB keeps confidential all information obtained by the client or other sources. It also informs the client in advance regarding the information intends to make available to the public.”