This document is an integral part of the agreement with the client and all of its provisions are binding upon signing the agreement by the parties.

IPICB’s Certificate of Conformity and Quality Mark is used regarding all certificates issued by IPICB. It will be used by all clients holding certificates of conformity in accordance with schemes type 1b and type 5.

  • Appearance of IPICB Quality Mark
  1. The color of the quality mark can vary depending on the background color of the product, provided that all components and writings in the mark can be readable.
  2. The original size of IPICB quality mark is 4*4 cm, but the size can change depending on the case and place of use by maintaining the ratio of the original dimensions. minimum width used shall be such that all components and writings in the mark are readable.
  • Use of IPICB Quality Mark

Holders of IPICB’s certificate are allowed to use the quality mark on the following items, provided that they observe the rules and regulations of IPICB:

–  On products and packaging of the certified products;

–  The official website of the client (by creating a link to the page of the certificates issued by IPICB on the website of IPICB);

– Publicity (brochures and any printed or electronic magazines, exhibition stands, billboards and advertisements); and

– Letterheads.

For more information about IPICB’s Requirements Regarding Use of Quality Mark“, “Prohibited Use Cases of IPICB Quality Mark“, “Misuse/ Unauthorized Use of Quality Mark and IPICB’s Responsesand “Appearance of IPICB quality mark”, Please contact us.