Providing quality equipment and items according to standards criteria has always been one of the major concerns of the petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries. On the other hand, according to the capabilities and potentials of the country in the domestic manufacture of these items and equipment, the need for standardization and ensuring the quality of domestically manufactured equipment was felt more than ever and there was always been the lack of an impartial and expert body in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemicals or provided equipment and items verification. For this purpose, the Certification Body started working as a branch of the Iranian Petroleum Institute; by documentation of the code of practice No. 103-2/20 dated 23-05-2017, which was approved by the Minister of Petroleum. As a quality certification body, this center first formed its infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 standard and the required documents to meet the requirements of this standard, including the quality policy, confidentiality and Impartiality commitments, procedures, work instructions, forms, etc.; and by employing experienced and qualified personnel, as well as using the inspection bodies potency, experienced auditors in the field of quality management systems and test technical assessors, it efforts to present its activities in a professional manner and in compliance with the international standards and criteria. IPICB is the only approved body by the Ministry of Petroleum in the field of product/process and service quality certification; and obtaining the certificate of IPICB will help manufacturers and providers in entering to the Ministry of Petroleum vendor list and improve their position. Presently, IPICB has the necessary readiness to respond to all manufacturers/providers of equipment and items related to the oil industry during the certification process for their products/services and their current processes. It is hoped that by God’s favor, the support of the petroleum, gas and petrochemical complex, reliance to the technical potential and experience available in the country and with the trust of respected manufacturers and providers, we will be able to accomplish this duty in the best possible way.