The quality of products offered in the market is always one of the most important and significant issues for consumers, especially where these products are associated with safety, health, and financial losses of users. Therefore, in order to have a market share, customer satisfaction and reputation, manufacturers must be serious and always produce high quality products.

One of the most important equipment that need to be ensured before using them and if they have irregular performance, they will cause irreparable damage, is the equipment related to the Iranian Petroleum industry.

One of the best solutions available to stakeholders to ensure the health and quality of manufactured products is to use third-party assessments. In this type of assessment, an independent entity that has no conflict of interest between the producer and the consumer evaluates the producers and gives them certification if they meet the specific requirements specified in the standards.

Therefore, in order to conduct a third party evaluation of the equipment used in the petroleum industry, it was necessary to form an independent institution in this industry.

IPICB has officially started its work in the Iranian Petroleum Institution and is fully prepared to evaluate and establish the requirements of ISO /IEC 17065 standard and prepare Quality policy and quality manual, procedures, work instructions, forms and other related documents had prepared to receive national and international credentials.

Our certifications demonstrate that your products have been tested to applicable standards. IPICB’s recognized regulatory expertise provides critical credibility to authorities and the marketplace.